Pareo Haya


No usar blanqueador. Se puede usar lavadora. Se puede lavar a mano

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The restock you’ve been waiting for 🌪Because you asked for it our #PareoHaya and our #BlackCosmosBikini are back in stock 🖤Remember this will be the last restock of our coverups before they’re gone forever! Buy yours now, more info via DM✨
#HandInHand with our roots

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The prints of our cover ups have been designed to match your favorite Vici Mare🌺 These special illustrations were designed based on different flower species✨ The cherry on top to our #WildFlowerCollection intends to embrace diversity and celebrate the authenticity and natural beauty within our #ViciMuses 🤍Limited units left, don’t miss out 💫 #PareoHaya #BlackCosmosBikini
#HandInHand with our roots

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