Pareo Luisa


No usar blanqueador. Se puede usar lavadora. Se puede lavar a mano


Did you know our cover ups are limited edition? 🌺 Our best seller #PareoLuisa is back in stock 💫 Available for purchase while units last 🤍 #HandInHand with our roots ...

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Dynamic duo ✨ Look gorgeous in our #FuchsiaGeraniumOnePiece and style it with our best seller #PareoLuisa as a bandana 🧞‍♀️ Friendly reminder: our coverups are limited edition 🌺 Last restock arrived this week 🌞 Don’t miss out! #HandInHand with our roots ...

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Forever in-love with #ViciMuse @mariapaulamejiaa rocking our #FuchsiaAlliumBikini and #PareoLuisa 🌺 You can choose to rock our cover-ups as a bandana, as a shirt or skirt! Get creative and send us your bomb looks✨
#HandInHand with our roots

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